Jun. 4th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Tumblr is still kind of amazing, isn't it? Its curation-base design makes nearly every virtual personage seem poetic and erudite and whimsical.

MY Tumblr is almost intentionally ugly, what with the bottomless mines of inspiration on that platform it's so tempting to brand mine one way or another, but I keep finding whole different landscapes, so until I've surveyed everything, ugly and unbranded and nondescript it shall remain to accommodate all new discoveries.

Tumblr seems to cover every immediately contradictory subject I've ever loved, and while LJ goes deeper than Tumblr in some respects, Tumblr is more vast and varied, does that make sense? I'll find tons of good stuff here on Art Nouveau, but nothing on Atomic Age industrial design ♥

You can find me here if you like.
And if YOU have a Tumblr, please boost it here in the comments - I want to check it out and follow!
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