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Jun. 2nd, 2011 10:08 pm
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My internet access has been intermittent at best over the past couple of weeks, so updates haven't been nearly as big/frequent as I'd like given my journal makeover!

Some exciting paintings in the hopper, if I do say so myself - they include Banana Fish (anyone else read that?), Inception (OMG Arthur & Eames), Merlin (Morgana & Morgause) Good Omens (Winged!Aziraphale/Crowley+FLAMING BENTLEY!), and good ole HP (Veela!Draco & Harry).


Also, going to post some old X-Men art I did back in high school for kicks once I get some ducks in order - did you know X-Men was my very first fandom? Seriously, I considered those mutant outlaws family.

Speaking of Marvel Universe, [personal profile] glockgal drew this amazing Iron Man (Tony Stark) art, give her a dap!

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