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Location:United States of America
Water and light, words and pictures.

Always looking for new peeps, so do come in and have a cuppa.

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adoption, akira, alchemy, andré 3000, andré leon talley, ang lee, animation, anna may wong, antarctica, antiracism, arabian nights, archery, architecture, aubrey beardsley, avatar: the last airbender, basquiat, batman, battle royale, bees, blade runner, blaise zabini's mom, borges, brainwashing, buddhism, calligraphy, carmen sandiego, cartography, cassandra cain, cate blanchett, catholicism, catwoman, ceramics, civil rights, clue, codenames, colonialism, comics, consumerism, da vinci, daft punk, dance, daul kim, degas, doujinshi, dr. strangelove, dragons, drawing, edward gorey, escher, espionage, eva green, exorcism, f. scott fitzgerald, fairy tales, food, francis bacon, fútbol, galileo, game of thrones, gargoyles, geopolitics, giacometti, glass, h.p. lovecraft, hannibal lecter, hellblazer, hellfire club, hitchcock, i ching, illustration, industrial design, james bond, janelle monae, jem & the holograms, jimi hendrix, josephine baker, jourdan dunn, kara walker, karen o, kayaking, kelis, kendo, kid cudi, kyriarchy, la femme nikita, labyrinths, lady murasaki, lucifer, lupe fiasco, m.i.a., mad men, manwha, martin mcdonagh, mata hari, merlin, metalsmithing, military industrial complex, mishima, miyazaki, muay thai, neurodiversity, nyota uhura, paradise lost, poe, politics, printmaking, propaganda, psychology, ragtime, rapid prototyping, richard wright, rita hayworth, roman empire, rorschach, rugby, science fiction, shahzia sikander, sharks, sherlock holmes, snowboarding, solar power, space, stone carving, sustainability, synesthesia, tamara de lempicka, tea, the clash, the hunger games, the ramones, torture, trains, trina schart hyman, twin peaks, underground railroad, usain bolt, victoriana, warhol, william blake, william gibson, winsor mckay, wire, witches, wolves, womanism, woodworking, wuxia, x-men, yeats, yohji yamamoto
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