Apr. 30th, 2020 11:42 pm
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(Mostly) friends only. Please introduce yourself.
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(Via [personal profile] glockgal ♥)

Are you involved in any online blogging/journalism about media and/or TV Shows?

Are you a contributor or part of a media/television news-site that regularly conducts actor/production interviews?

Are you a fan of the Canadian/British television series Murdoch Mysteries?

If you answered 'why yes' to any of these questions, the Murdoch Mysteries PR is looking to fans of the show to help promote the show. Word of mouth is, as always, the best form of publicity. And yes - there is a gift economy involved, in terms of getting exclusive opportunities and swag from the PR.

Now, you'd think I'd feel skeevy about imploring my fellow Murdoch Mysteries fans to doing free PR for a TV show, but I say it all depends on the show and production.

Murdoch Mysteries is funded by CTV (Canada) and UKTV (the UK). It hasn't yet crossed over into the large-scale US audiences, and this is a shame. The show is, quite simply, brilliant. It has its ups and downs, but that's all shows. I can't express how delightful it is to have a series that is a well-written, historical fiction mystery show which takes place in Toronto, Canada. The characters are adorable and the show blends a great mix of drama, mystery, comedy, romance, history and (Canadian brand) excitement in a very winsome package.

I want more people to watch this show. I really want it to gain popularity. I want, like, a million seasons of this show, forever. :D

Comment here or email me at glockgal AT gmail.com and I'll hook you up with the contact info for the MM PR!!


Jun. 4th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Tumblr is still kind of amazing, isn't it? Its curation-base design makes nearly every virtual personage seem poetic and erudite and whimsical.

MY Tumblr is almost intentionally ugly, what with the bottomless mines of inspiration on that platform it's so tempting to brand mine one way or another, but I keep finding whole different landscapes, so until I've surveyed everything, ugly and unbranded and nondescript it shall remain to accommodate all new discoveries.

Tumblr seems to cover every immediately contradictory subject I've ever loved, and while LJ goes deeper than Tumblr in some respects, Tumblr is more vast and varied, does that make sense? I'll find tons of good stuff here on Art Nouveau, but nothing on Atomic Age industrial design ♥

You can find me here if you like.
And if YOU have a Tumblr, please boost it here in the comments - I want to check it out and follow!

Coming soon

Jun. 2nd, 2011 10:08 pm
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My internet access has been intermittent at best over the past couple of weeks, so updates haven't been nearly as big/frequent as I'd like given my journal makeover!

Some exciting paintings in the hopper, if I do say so myself - they include Banana Fish (anyone else read that?), Inception (OMG Arthur & Eames), Merlin (Morgana & Morgause) Good Omens (Winged!Aziraphale/Crowley+FLAMING BENTLEY!), and good ole HP (Veela!Draco & Harry).


Also, going to post some old X-Men art I did back in high school for kicks once I get some ducks in order - did you know X-Men was my very first fandom? Seriously, I considered those mutant outlaws family.

Speaking of Marvel Universe, [personal profile] glockgal drew this amazing Iron Man (Tony Stark) art, give her a dap!
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Epic painting coming soon - in the meantime OMG read this please!

A friend is looking to donate his vast comic collection to a worthy children's organization.
He doesn't have it in his heart to sell them, and he'd much rather some sick or at risk kids get to read and enjoy them instead of having them collect dust in his storage locker.

Because (and here I quote) EVERY CHILD DESERVES BATMAN.

Anyone know of any charities/efforts he could send it to, or anyone else who would know?
Do feel free to boost this bat signal!* XD

(*Dear god I'm a geek.)


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